Paragon’s mission is to be perceived by our clients as a leader in the security industry. We will maintain this leadership by providing the kind of service that always meets their expectations. Paragon guarantees to provide properly uniformed and trained security guards, who will conform to our clients’ requirements, in accordance with the duties outlined by you. Paragon will offer also properly trained security dogs for compound work. We will also guarantee that management will respond to clients immediately upon notification of a service problem. Supervisors will also complete random site inspections, to review and evaluate the performance of Security Guards on duty. Our mature and well trained Supervisor would interact with our clients and maintain open dialogue to ensure that all needs are met and when needed suggest possible alternatives to improve the efficiency of the service. We also provide a Rapid Response Team which provides a back up service to all emergency situations.

In order to enhance our service we have developed a business relationship with a foreign company based in the United Kingdom as an Agent representative for the West Indies which has allowed us to both enhance and improve our capabilities in giving our clients that Paragon difference through the marrying of our different expertise in the security field.


Marketing, installation and maintenance of surveillance equipment such as closed circuit television (CCTV), DVR’s, Computer controlled Digital Network Video Recorders (DVRs’/ NVRs’), Day Night cameras (Analog & IP), Color cameras, Covert cameras etc. for the security monitoring of organisations’ premises & property
Marketing, installation, maintenance and Monitoring of burglar alarm and Access control systems.

The following is a complete list of services that we offer:-

  • Security Consultation
  • Management services for security guards and electronic monitoring systems
  • Baton Security Officers
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Security Officer with K-9
  • Area surveillance (Compound) Dogs
  • Courier Service
  • Bailiff Services
  • Precept Training – Preparation for Precepting of Officers
  • Alarm Runner Response
  • Electronic Alarm Installation
  • Homeland Security (Restricted)
  • Executive Bodyguard Services
  • Private Investigations
  • GSM Tracking – Vehicular Management System

Paragon Protection Consultants Limited presently provides security services to several Corporate Clients in Trinidad. Our Company presently ensures that all officers are trained by the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service and that a high level of service is provided to our clients. Health, Safety, Security & Environment must be a primary consideration for us at Paragon Protection Consultants Limited as not only are there legal requirements which must be satisfied, but a Healthy, Safe, Secure Environment, which minimizes disruptions to our operations as well as those of our customers.
As such we commit to working with our customers to ensure that our service delivery is done in the safest possible way without disruption to their operations or those of Paragon Protection Consultants Limited.


Our training is done over a fourteen (14) days period, and is coordinated and conducted by our In-house and external lecturers from the Police Training Academy. Basic Induction Training are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Security
  • The Role of the Security Officer
  • Supplemental Police Act. Chapter 15:02
  • Powers of Arrest
  • Oaths
  • Basic First Aid
  • Report/ Post Diary Writing
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Drill
  • Baton Techniques
  • Weapon Retention (Precepted Officers only)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Basic HSSE Training
  • Canine Handling & Care (Canine Officers only)

Having undergone the Induction Programme, each participant is given a written test, upon receiving a passing grade he/she will be assigned to a location where they are required to undergo field training with a more seasoned Security Officer. Our team of Project Managers and Field Supervisors also closely monitor this period to ensure that the officers are meeting our expectations, and where necessary developmental needs will be identified to ensure the individual’s progress.

As a part of an effective development all officers are trained and developed further in accordance with their experience and demonstrated ability displayed, thus enabling further growth within our organization.

Paragon Protection Consultants brings to the table over


of experience in the Protection and Security Industry. We commit to working with our customers to ensure that our service delivery is done in the safest possible way without disruption to their operations or those of Paragon Protection Consultants Limited.


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